Framed up for my Craft/Office space
Framed up for Jim's closet
Sheetrock up inside Jim's closet
Sheetrock up inside my Office Space
Sheetrock up inside my Craft Space
Another view of the sheet rocked Craft/Office Space
Jim "mudding" the corners of the Office Space
Sheetrock seams and screw heads mudded
Craft/Office space with walls finished and painted
Windows (hard to see) have hardwood Trim inside and around the window sills.
Sewing table
Scrapbook table
Office Desk
Printer Area
Slider that use to be our access to back yard.
Exterior door now to back yard
Jim's closet
My Craft/Office Space
Still trying to get a good shot of the windows
Exterior of room addition
You can see where the original part of the house and the new room begins
Exterior Entrance from back yard
Once the inside is completed this is going to be a patio!
Better shot of the new door.
Even better shot of the new door.
Picture of room from corner  of office space to corner of room!
Inside of window is wood and trim around it, then sill is marble (5 Inches wide)
This whole wall is windows that let a lot of light into the room.
Here is the ceiling it is wood too, although it is just coated with a clear coat, no stain!  (Yes the fan needs to be cleaned off it has construction dust all over it.)
Pergo Laminate flooring!
What we have left to do!
What it looks like against the painted wall!


Office Space!

Office Printer/storage

Sewing area!

Scrapbooking cabinet!

James' computer/homework area!