Jim and Keneah met in August, 1987 in a little town called Williston while going to High School. At the time Jim and Keneah were only friends. They sat at lunch together with a group of kids. They learned more about each other. Many months went by and Jim and Keneah started to notice each other more and more.

In April, 1988, Jim asked Keneah if she would go to the Junior/Senior Prom with him. She made him wait a week for her answer, but said "Yes!" By May 16, 1988 they were "going steady", which meant that they didn't date anyone else but each other.

Jim graduated from High School at the end of May, 1988, and Keneah had another year of High School left. They continued to date exclusively while Jim was in college and Keneah in her Senior year of High School. Jim escorted Keneah to her Senior Prom and her Graduation Ceremony.

After Keneah finished High School, Jim proposed to her for the 1st time. Keneah said no, that with their both being in college that it was no time to be starting a marriage. So they continued to date exclusively.

On December 5, 1991, Jim proposed again, this time with engagement ring in hand and Keneah accepted. Jim was a year and a half from graduating and Keneah was half way done. They didn't set a date for the wedding. It was to be a long engagement.

In January, 1993 they set their wedding date for August 14, of the same year. Jim graduated from nursing school in May and Keneah had another year left to finish.

The courtship from that first date till their wedding day was 5 years and 4 months.


August 14, 1993


James Bryan Rice, JR

Avanelle May Rice


Works: Lakeland Regional Medical Center

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Hobbies: Collects G.I. Joe's, Metal Model Cars,

Giant Scale Airplanes, Working on automobiles,

Playing computer games.


Works: @ Home for Dolbey & Company

Occupation: Computer Support Technician

Hobbies: Collect Barbie Dolls & Stuffed Animals,

Reading, Sewing & Crafts, and playing on the computer.

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